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Tax preparation is an awkward job and someone has to do it—but that doesn’t have to be you. We will sharpen our pencils and make sure you don’t pay more than you absolutely have to.


We offer personal service that is knowledgeable, experienced, practiced and professional. I will strive to minimize your taxable income, maximize your tax deductions, and achieve the lowest possible tax bill for you; ensuring more of your money stays with you to invest, save, or spend.

We will provide you with useful information. Tax planning and preparation form a winning combination for my successful individual and business clients. We can help to develop tax-minimization strategies that will budget your taxes and optimize your after-tax position.


Our Specific Services Include:

Personal Income Tax:

T1 preparation for (amongst others) construction trades, professionals, commission agents, home-based businesses, employed and self-employed individuals, E-filed. Preparation and filing of prior year’s returns.


Corporate Income Tax:

T2 preparation and business planning for small and medium businesses, as well as new start-ups with attention paid to minimizing and deferring taxes. Preparation and filing of prior year’s returns.


Estate Tax:

Preparation of terminal T1 to date of death and any optional returns, indentifying key tax savings opportunities. T3 preparation along with a thorough review of the estate, including the will, with consideration of all potential tax elections and deferral opportunities.


Trustee Tax (Inter Vivos and Testamentary):

Review of the Trust instrument to identify any tax implications and tax planning opportunities. Preparation of annual T3 return, including T3 slips, considering elections available to the beneficiaries and trusts. Tax planning to minimize impact of 21-year deeming rules.


Tax Troubleshooting:

for unusual circumstances and non-standard incomes or deductions.

Income Tax laws are constantly changing. Each change provides opportunities and also potentially large costs for the unwary. Income tax may be the highest expenditure of your entire life and everything in your power should be done to reduce this lifetime liability. Knowledge is power and you can use our expertise to get you the best results.